Save cut Koza crossroads shop

Along National Route 330,near the Koza crossroads!

We have free parking lot.

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- Street address -
〒904-0003 Okinawa, Okinawa City, Sumiyoshi 1-1-31

In front of the store there are Kyokushin Karate,
CHUBE ob-Gyn CLINIC, free law consultation office.

Next to the store is a real estate company.

Next to the parking lot is Meiji Yasuda Life.

Next to the shop is a parking lot.

You can see Town Plaza Kanehide Koza crossroad shop from parking lot.

- Opening hours -
am 10:30 ~ pm 7:00

- Regular holiday -


"1000 yen" or "10 dollar"

"800 yen" or "8 dollar"

Butch haircut
"500 yen" or "5 dollar"

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